About Me

My appreciation for food didn't start until June 2007, the year I moved to NYC. My eyes were opened after trying Katz's pastrami, K-town's kalbi and bulgogi, and St. Mark's abundance of cheap street food. Where else can you walk ten blocks and discover ten different cuisines?

I am by no means a professional authority on food. The main goal of this site is to document my culinary adventures, including the people I am with, the events that we celebrate, and sometimes the exact ingredients in the dishes we enjoy. Freezing these moments in time for posterity's sake is important to me. Moments have been captured with the Olympus E-M5 + E-M10, Sony A7, and most recently, the A7s.

The other goal is to share my experiences with other people who may not have access to the variety of cuisines found in New York. I have been fortunate enough to experience NYC's rich culinary culture and enjoy making connections with and learning from other people on their own food journeys.

Food is the universal language that brings people together. 

Let's talk.