The first time I had Dough was at the Brooklyn Flea in 2012. While walking around the food vendors located in the basement of the Williamsburg Savings Bank, I saw an ordinary looking glass case with shelves of donuts accompanied by an inconspicuous sign that said "Dough".

The reason I plunked down my money? All of the trays were empty save for 3-4 donuts. I bought a fragrant lemon poppyseed donut which was the best donut I ever had. The taste of fresh lemon juice and zest and poppy seeds was pure and refreshing. When I went back to the cart for more, the shelves contained nothing except for a few crumbs.

I'd have to wait until March of 2013 for my next taste. After inhaling bowls of smoked salmon mazemen with fried scallion cream cheese balls and ikura at Dassara, Julia suggested that we go to Dough which was a quick 10 min subway ride away. However, that 10 min ride turned into 30 minutes because Sammy took us on the wrong train. Twice.

After a walk in the freezing weather, we had arrived.

Awesome Blood Orange

The smell of baking assaulted us first. A concoction of flour, butter, sugar wafted in the air and dared us to only order one donut. It took tremendous willpower not to order the entire display.

After spending some time agonizing over what to order, we settled on blood orange, cafe au lait, dulce de leche, and toasted coconut. 

Um...we'll take em all. To Go.

The blood orange punched you in the face with its tartness. The candied orange peel was a nice burst of sweetness. Highly recommended.

The dulce de leche with toasted almonds has caramelized milk glazed everywhere with crunchy toasted almonds. A little too sweet like the cafe au lait for my liking but still delicious.

Down the hatch

If you're looking for something a little less sweet, try the toasted coconut and of course the lemon poppy seed (still my favorite flavor).

Toasted Coconut says hello

All in all, a great donut that is moist and not too dense. Great flavors of icing and combinations.

Also, big enough to share (or not).

It's so good when it hits your lips


  • Hits: The lemon with poppy seed is a must get. It's a good baseline that you can compare the other flavors to.
  • It's hard to go wrong, they're all great choices. Personally, I find some of them a tad sweet and so I tend to gravitate towards the more tart and refreshing ones like the blood orange.
  • Misses: I love anything salted caramel but their salted caramel for me is too salty (and I love salted carmel). Maybe it was an isolated incident. It was also served at Dumbo Smorgasburg, not the original storefront.
  • Go early as they tend to run out of the popular flavors. 
  • No tables and chairs. I recommend grabbing your donuts and coffee and heading towards the park across the street. There are benches. And swings.