Happy Easter from Grandaisy Bakery

"Would you like a free sample of our Easter Bread? It has candied orange, dark chocolate, and almonds on top!"

The free sample worked on me.

The cake was light, fruity, and as you're about to swallow, the luxurious taste of Italian chocolate begins to melt on the tongue. I bought a cake on the spot for $20 for an upcoming birthday party in Boston.

Easter bread: almonds, candied orange peel, Italian chocolate

Earlier that morning, I had the most amazing artichoke focaccia. It is being offered only for a limited time for the spring so I'll be stopping by 2x a week. Roasted artichokes, garlic, sea salt and bread crumbs on pillowy bianca dough. Crispy on the outside edges and soft on the inside with the perfect chew. After you take a few bites, you are forced to use a napkin to wipe off the sea salt and breadcrumbs from your greased cheeks. Using your lips is the preferred alternative.

Artichoke, garlic, sea salt, and bread crumbs

Excited with my discovery, I told my coworker Xavier to come get a slice with me around 2pm. He ditched his goopy corn chowder soup from Freshdirect and we hightailed it across the street. The day was perfect. The air was crisp and bathed in sunlight, birds in the park on our right were literally chirping, and the we were 30 seconds from artichoke heaven. That is, until they told us they ran out. Damn.

Instead, we decided on the Pizza Patate: potatoes and onion on top of their thin crust. To me, the potatoes needed some salt and were somewhat gummy in texture. Skip.

Potato and onion

For Xavier's first slice, I recommended my go to, the Pizza Cavolfiore: charred cauliflower and gruyere. Perfectly seasoned with salt and a few drops of olive oil, this is my favorite topping when the butternut squash is not in season.

Cauliflower and gruyere

Xavier is a new convert and will be accompanying me on my future trips.