How I won a free trip to Jamaica - Part 2

Ok, let’s run it again from the chorus: “Everything little thing I do...pow pow, never seems enough for you….5-6-turn, 7-8, pause. You don’t wanna…”

With a Grand Prize of a Jamaica trip on the line, JKP, Brad and I were focused. It was a late Saturday afternoon and we were blasting NSync’s “It’s Gonna Be May” at full volume in my basement gym. After watching the NSync YouTube video, we broke down the choreography the best we could and ran it a few times. Luckily, the gym was empty and nobody walked in on us. After our last run-through, we looked in the mirror, caught our breath and laughed at the ridiculousness of it all. We would soon find out if it was good enough for 1st place.

When I arrived at Bohemian, I regretted wearing my boy band leather jacket. Sweat dripped from my brow as I slowly inched my way through the packed crowd of slutty nurses, naughty angels, and Mario and Luigi. Brad arrived as Speed Racer, and JKP effortlessly emanated Timberlake as we mingled with strangers and admired a few elaborate costumes.

The energy was palpable as they began announcing the prizes: 1st place was a flight voucher and a one night stay at their suite, 2nd place was a tasting menu for 2 at Bohemian, and 3rd place was a comped Washugyu steak. With only 6 contestants, we liked our chances.

Not knowing what to expect, the first few contestants were no amateurs. Not only were they on pitch, they were showing levity and angst at all the appropriate moments just like Emma Stone on Jimmy Fallon.

“Woo! Give it up for our next group performing “It’s Gonna Be Me” by NSync!!”

Our hearts were pounding, knees weak, palms were sweaty. I love that surreal moment right before the spotlight goes on. Your mind races a hundred miles a second while not thinking of anything in particular, your senses are heightened, and then you go into the zone while muscle memory takes over.

Our nerves disappeared after the first 6 notes exploded from the speakers and the next 3 minutes were a blur.

After our performance, additional people started signing up and the number of entrants doubled to about 13 contestants. After our names were called for winning the grand prize, we were asked to do an encore performance, which you can see here:

Thank you to Bohemian for hosting a great Halloween party, Tomoko Suzuki for granting permission to repost her pictures, NSync for the inspiration, and JKP for the swag choreo and Brad for recording this fun evening.

Next stop, Jamaica baby!

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