Rockaway The Last Days of Summer

f you don’t know Julia B, you should. She gave me the heads up on one of my favorite ramen spots, Bassanova, when it first opened, and is always in the know for underground concerts with an up and coming band or an art exhibit that nobody knows of yet. When I got the invite for her birthday party in the Rockaways, an area I haven’t explored yet, I was thrilled. Accompanying me on this adventure was a group that is always willing to travel for food:  Julia Z, Polina, and Davis.

After a 40 minute train ride on the A, we made our way to the Rockaway Beach Surf Club to say hi to the birthday girl.


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Alpha Donuts - Old School Charm

A glazed doughnut serves as the litmus test of any doughnut shop's worth. Don't get me wrong, I love doughnuts with fillings, toppings, different glazes and even fancy riffs like the Cronut, but sometimes you just gotta have a glazed. 

At least this was our thinking as Sammy and I stopped by Alpha Doughnuts in Sunnyside. We were running late for our Korean dinner so I stood outside as Sammy ran in and got two glazed to go. We ate them on the run, the heft of the doughnuts leaving a smattering of grease spots on the paper bag with each hurried step.

My expectation of this being a random appetizer before kalbi was quickly blown away.

I stopped in my tracks. "Oh my God," I murmured as my eyes rolled back.

"I know," Sammy said. "I've been telling you about these doughnuts for 2 years. NOW do you believe me?!"

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