Macao: Day 2

November 7, 2018

After a good night’s rest and room service, I quickly ate some breakfast and got ready for Day 2.

Our first stop was at St. Paul’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On our way there, we did some street photography against many colored walls. Everywhere you turned, there was a photogenic building or a cool street with patterns and eye-catching designs.

A photographer’s playground of textures, light and shadows, and colors.

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Momosan Ramen & Sake - Morimoto in Midtown

I first met Jae Lee in late 2012 through a mutual friend while Jae was sous chef at Morimoto’s eatery called Tribeca Canvas. Before they closed a year later, I was a regular there not just because it was across the street from my office, but because I enjoyed their Japanese take on comfort food (lamb ragu buns and braised pork ribs with a side of fried rice risotto was addictingly good). Jae did a short stint at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare before landing at Lexington Brass. My next dinner with Jae was at Zuma where he fed my friend and me copious amounts of sushi, black miso cod, and a huge tray of dessert that turned us into Violet Beauregard twins.

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