New York Sushi Ko - Tribeca Pop-Up

I first heard of New York Sushi Ko a year ago ago when I saw Instagram pics of a sushi chef blowtorching bluefin tuna skin until the rendered droplets of fat dripped onto the piece of toro tartare waiting below.

After I wiped the drool from my phone, I learned that the chef’s name was John Daley, a 6’1” American from New Jersey with awesome RICE and FISH knuckle tats.

With only 11 seats at Sushi Ko, I tried and failed a few times to snag a table so I gave up. Fast forward a year when my opportunity came up two weeks ago when my friend, Nina, mentioned Sushi Ko’s popup at Church Street Tavern, a restaurant right across my office.

Fate was knocking, and I was ready to answer.

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Arcade Bakery: Hidden Tribeca Treasure

When my friend Vince told me that we should go check out Arcade Bakery, I listened. After all, he is a walking encyclopedia of food knowledge who could easily start his own food concierge service. I’m not talking about the info you can easily find from generic lists on Eater or bullshit places on Yelp that are overrated. Sure he knows all the touristy spots but his wheelhouse consists of quality spots that won’t break the bank and are just flat out delicious. Places where the food is the star while ambiance, service, decor, and Michelin stars take a backseat.

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Happy Easter from Grandaisy Bakery

"Would you like a free sample of our Easter Bread? It has candied orange, dark chocolate, and almonds on top!"

The cake was light, fruity, and as you're about to swallow, the luxurious taste of Italian chocolate begins to melt on the tongue. I bought a cake on the spot for $20 for an upcoming birthday party in Boston.

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Rice and Miso Everyday

In an effort to balance out my heavy dinners, I’ve been trying to eat lighter for lunch. My colleague Peter suggested that we try out the onigiri and miso soup at Rice And Miso Everyday, open on Mon/Wed/Fri at All Good Things, an indoor market in Tribeca.

RAM focuses on serving two things only: a delicious miso soup with seaweed, tofu, and mushroom and their specialty: onigiri (riceballs) made from organic brown rice, and wrapped in nori (seaweed) with a variety of toppings for your selection.

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Pho Party with Daphne

After enjoying the Ferran Adrià exhibit, we made our way back to Daphne’s kitchen at Suite ThreeOhSix to make a vegan version of banh mi and pho. To say Daphne loves pho would be an understatement - she confessed that she ate pho for 21 days straight. Mad respect.

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