The NoMad: Best Chicken I've Had

A year ago, I had the best chicken of my life at The NoMad. Was it because these chickens were delivered daily from a farm in Pennsylvania? Was it because there was foie gras stuffed under the skin? Or maybe it was the tantalizing aroma of black truffles found in both the stuffing and the accompanying potato puree. It was a combination of all these factors that made me fall in love with chicken again.

Julia and Davis made a reservation and I brought my friend Anne. The whole point of the dinner was to try the chicken that had every blog and food magazine raving. To start, the server brought us a warm rustic flatbread with grilled leeks and gruyere fresh from the oven, much better than the usual stale basket of bread served at most restaurants.

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Betony - The Jewel of Midtown

It was a misty September evening in Manhattan as I sat in the plush back seat of a town car, lulled by the sounds of the windshield wipers moving steadily like a metronome. I exited the car and ducked into Betony, narrowly escaping the rain.

I was the first one to arrive, nearly 20 minutes early. After checking in with the hostess, I sat at the bar and took a look at my surroundings. Ornate carvings adorned the walls, motifs stretched across the vast ceiling. Jack, the jovial bartender with an Australian accent, nudged me and asked if "gin and I got along".

I was intrigued. “Why?” I asked.

“Well there was a mix-up with another order and we have an extra Negroni...” he winked.

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Contra - A Gem in LES

I first met Jeremiah Stone back in September at a pig roast in Williamsburg. Night had fallen and I was devouring a chorizo caramel ice cream from Oddfellows when Michelle introduced us to her friend, Jeremy, was opening up a restaurant called Contra in early October on the LES.

He was amped about the progress; with 2 weeks left before opening,  the decor and furniture were installed and the 5-course, $55 prix-fixe menu of New American cuisine were in the final stages of development.

Last week, Michelle called in a reservation for what turned out to be an enjoyable experience for our group. The five of us sat comfortably at 2 veneered wooden tables near the bar. By the time we ordered the extra bread and cheese course, the restaurant was humming along, filled with patrons eager to try the food.

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