Marta: Thin Crust Nirvana

My brother and I were running late for our reservation at Marta, a newly opened Danny Meyer pizza joint in the Martha Washington hotel. Both yellow cabs and Uber near Rockefeller Center were unavailable and the streets were clogged with tourists pressing their noses up against the shiny holiday displays on 5th Avenue.

A pedicab pulled up right in front of us at the curb.

"Where you need to go? I take you there quick. No way you're getting a taxi tonight, mang."

We zig-zagged past throngs of people oblivious to traffic lights and almost hit a few cabs that careened in our lane.

Swallowing hard, I closed my eyes to the chaotic stress while my brother relished every single stressful minute. 

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Arcade Bakery: Hidden Tribeca Treasure

When my friend Vince told me that we should go check out Arcade Bakery, I listened. After all, he is a walking encyclopedia of food knowledge who could easily start his own food concierge service. I’m not talking about the info you can easily find from generic lists on Eater or bullshit places on Yelp that are overrated. Sure he knows all the touristy spots but his wheelhouse consists of quality spots that won’t break the bank and are just flat out delicious. Places where the food is the star while ambiance, service, decor, and Michelin stars take a backseat.

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Happy Easter from Grandaisy Bakery

"Would you like a free sample of our Easter Bread? It has candied orange, dark chocolate, and almonds on top!"

The cake was light, fruity, and as you're about to swallow, the luxurious taste of Italian chocolate begins to melt on the tongue. I bought a cake on the spot for $20 for an upcoming birthday party in Boston.

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Scrumphsus Bites: Grandaisy Bakery - Butternut Squash Pizza

Today's bite comes from Grandaisy Bakery. If you're a fan of butternut squash, you're going to love it. If you're not a fan, you will be a convert.

Deceptively simple and bursting with flavor, the square slice is topped with melted onions, flecks of sage, oozing gruyère, and a layer of roasted butternut squash. Sprinkled salt and freshly cracked black pepper are the finishing touches.

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A maiden voyage to Di Fara's Pizza

Di Fara’s.

Diehard pizza aficionados swear it’s the best pizza in NYC, if not the world.

Ranked near the top of numerous polls as the pizza to beat, Di Fara’s claim to fame is the uncomplicated use of quality ingredients as well as the tender loving care given to each pie by Dom DeMarco, an old-school pizzamaker.


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