Rice and Miso Everyday

In an effort to balance out my heavy dinners, I’ve been trying to eat lighter for lunch. My colleague Peter suggested that we try out the onigiri and miso soup at Rice And Miso Everyday, open on Mon/Wed/Fri at All Good Things, an indoor market in Tribeca.

RAM focuses on serving two things only: a delicious miso soup with seaweed, tofu, and mushroom and their specialty: onigiri (riceballs) made from organic brown rice, and wrapped in nori (seaweed) with a variety of toppings for your selection.

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Noodle Village: Best soup dumpling in Chinatown.

The best soup dumplings in manhattan are at Noodle Village, a nondescript restaurant tucked away from the epicenter from Chinatown. The soup dumplings at many establishments are marred by a lack of broth and a thick, doughy skin that ends up being dry. Noodle Village’s version has a great balanced ratio of thin, translucent exterior and ample juice.  After trying them for the first time 2 weeks ago with Vince and Jon, I needed to go back immediately. The opportunity presented itself last Saturday.

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