Momosan Ramen & Sake - Morimoto in Midtown

I first met Jae Lee in late 2012 through a mutual friend while Jae was sous chef at Morimoto’s eatery called Tribeca Canvas. Before they closed a year later, I was a regular there not just because it was across the street from my office, but because I enjoyed their Japanese take on comfort food (lamb ragu buns and braised pork ribs with a side of fried rice risotto was addictingly good). Jae did a short stint at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare before landing at Lexington Brass. My next dinner with Jae was at Zuma where he fed my friend and me copious amounts of sushi, black miso cod, and a huge tray of dessert that turned us into Violet Beauregard twins.

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Scrumphsus Bites: Sobaya - Eel and Pork Belly

I wanted to quickly highlight two bites from Sobaya: eel over rice and pork belly. Literally had this a few hours ago and miss it already. Michelle and I obsess over unaju and have been craving it lately so we decided to make this a monthly ritual.

We were both starving as we sat down and when the unaju arrived in its mysterious box, we uncovered it slowly, as if it were a delicate artifact.

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NYE 2012 at SakaMai

“What are you doing for New Year’s?” asked Doug.

It was New Year’s Eve and I didn’t have any plans yet. After being in NYC for 6 years, the whole counting down in a club with overpriced bottle service in a throng of sweaty strangers had lost its appeal. Back in 2008, Carson Daly had been a no-show to the official "Carson Daly and Friends NYE party" at $125/ticket (while I was still a temp making minimum wage) -- but I’m not bitter about that any more.

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